Search Evolves: Google to include Twitter updates in search results

Search has evolved.

People want relevant search results and today, “relevant” means RIGHT NOW. We don’t want stale information that’s three-weeks old. We  use our cell phones to search for tweets to help us decide if a new movie is worth the admission ticket right now. If a breaking news story is happening, we already know about it because it’s being tweeted by the eyewitnesses, whom we’re connected to.

Google had to forge this deal with Twitter if Google wanted to stay competitive and relevant in the information-hunting grounds of the Web.

We’re spoiled by the access we have to human beings tweeting news as it happens; tweeting weather and road conditions as they’re being driven through and by the human “touch” in a tweet, rather than cold robotic regurgitation in bolded keywords in a SERP.

Combined with Microsoft’s announcement earlier today, of its deal with Twitter and Facebook, today was a historic day for the Web, for SEO and for everyone who’s using Google, but not necessarily using Twitter, to search for information.  Those people will see search results obviously written by a person who’s probably interjected an emotion into the tweet, er…search result (is it a tweet or is it a search result?).

Here’s the entire blog post from Google’s blog.

Social Search is added

As I was writing this blog post, Mashable just reported that Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search, just announced, at the Web 2.0 Expo, that social networking information will show up at the bottoms of pages. For instance, when you or your friends update your FlickR photos,  you’ll see the update at the bottom of Google’s first page if you have your FlickR account listed as part of your Google profile.

– These are pulled from social networks connected to your Google Profile. The more that are connected, the more social information that will appear in search results.
– They have also improved searching for images using social networks. Images become more relevant using social networking data.

Be sure to keep your Google profile updated with all of your Social network links–and tell your friends, too– because your Google profile truly is your social network headquarters.

Mashable reported: “They [Google] have also improved searching for images using social networks. Images become more relevant using social networking data.”

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