About Lori Gama

Lori Gama is The Visibility Maker. Lori Gama started her company: DaGama Web Studio in 1995. In 1998 (the year Google was “born”), she realized that Google would become the “yellow pages” of the 21st century and tried to persuade folks to listen. Way back then, it was difficult for 98% of the population to grasp how this could possibly come true. Yet here we are, more than two decades later and Lori Gama’s prediction turned out to be right.

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Are you frustrated with managing your own Social Media Marketing and tired of being invisible in Google? Lori Gama and her team can help you reach your potential customers.

Lori Gama helps companies connect to their target audiences; to engage in a community-building way; and to grow business.

Lori Gama also co-owns Skynet Drone Services. With her Certified Drone Pilots, she provides Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) (Drone) services serving industries such as agriculture; oil & gas; real estate; tourism; disaster recovery; emergency and law enforcement; and research & development .

◆ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
◆ Online Reputation Management
◆ Social Media Management
◆ Social Media Training for individuals and corporations
◆ Web Design
◆ Website Development
◆ Ecommerce
◆ Facebook Ad Campaigns
◆ Google Adwords Campaigns
◆ Drone Services
◆ Digital Marketing Consultation

✓ COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING and VISIBILITY for your business so that you reach and engage with current and prospective customers.

Lori Gama has been an SEO Expert since 1998. Her holistic SEO services and Online Reputation Management help your company to be more likely to be found by your customers. 100% success rate for getting her clients found for their popular keywords in the top search results.

Read her blog: https://DaGamaWebStudio.com/blog for helpful articles about SEO; Social Media Marketing; Web Design and more.

Certified Part 107 sUAS Drone Pilot provides aerial imagery (drone videos, photos), aerial mapping and other drone services; plus 3D Matterport Tours & Virtual Reality Content. See: http://SkynetDroneService.com for details.

Work with a Digital Marketing team to achieve your business objectives in a timely manner.

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