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Measure Your Sentiment with PeopleBrowsr Analytics

Mashable.com, the Social Media website that breaks hot news and keeps us all informed of Web-related topics, recently ran a post called How To Measure Social Media ROI .  The writer, Christina Warren, mentioned “Sentiment” as one of the things you should measure and analyze on your Social media. I wrote my post in response to theirs.

Measuring your “sentiment” with your Twitter friends is an interesting undertaking. Why would you want to measure such a thing? With a tracking and measuring tool, you can then improve your service and/or products you sell;  while, hand-in-hand, improve your Online Reputation. When people talk about you, in a positive way, that’s called “buzz.” When there’s “buzz” about you and your company, usually your business is doing well. How can it not? With so many conversations in the Twittersphere, Facebook and elsewhere about you, you must be doing something right–right? Yes.

Now you can easily measure the sentiment of tweets about you by using Peoplebrowsr’s Analytics. Disclosure: I am a Peoplebrowsr coach. I became one because I kept raving about how great it is for so many things in the world of Social Networking, that PB (as we affectionately call it) asked me if I’d like to be part of the team. So, yes, I evangelicize about PB quite a bit.

Here’s a screenshot of my sentiment in Twitter, for past 30 days, as measured by  Peoplebrowsr’s Analytics:


Compare mine to the almighty Queen of Social Networking: Mari Smith (@MariSmith) who has 51,467 followers and is one of the kindest people I know:


Here are two more comparisons…the top image shows  Mari Smith’s Sentiment Count  and below that, is my own:


Interesting how big the “neutrality” is:


Now get going and start measuring
Go there now and do your own comparisons so you can have a benchmark. Then determine what you need to do to improve and increase positive sentiment. Then use PeopleBrowsr’s Analytics to measure again, so you have a before and after measurement.   Please comment and tell me what you think of this tool and what you think of measuring such a thing as “sentiment.”

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Tweeting Builds Your Business-Take Time To Tweet

As I meet people in my face-to-face networking, I always hear this comment from business owners who haven’t entered into Social Networking yet: “I don’t have time to tweet! I’m busy enough dealing with e-mail and running my business.”

This blog post is for YOU–the business owner/entrepreneur/corporation president who thinks Social Networking is a waste of time or you think you don’t have time to tweet.

I’ve probably met you in person and urged you to come here and read this or I’ve sent you this link in an email. Thank you for taking time to read this because I hope you’ll see how you’ve been missing out out on the fastest way to build your business: by properly using Twitter to build your Social Network: a community of friends and fans, who, in turn, help you build your business.

Tweeting builds your business, so, take time to tweet and you’ll reach your goals more quickly and invest less time and money doing it. After you read this and see how much time you’re already investing in face-to-face networking, please read my other blog posts for tips on how to get started in Twitter. Here’s a popular blog post that thousands of people have read: Top 10 Most Powerful Twitter Tips for Brand New Beginners.

I’m not advocating that you give up face-to-face networking and meeting people in person. No, no, no. In fact, as you build relationships online, there will come a time when you should phone people you’ve tweeted with and meet them in person (safely)—that’s when the magic can really happen because you’ve gotten to know each other online. It’s almost like meeting old friends.

Don’t have time to tweet? But you DO have time to attend face-to-face networking events and follow up and have coffee with some of the people you met at those events? Is that working for you? Are you getting leads, referrals, signed contracts due to those efforts? That’s great if you are. I’m guessing you’re spending a lot of time to get a few successful results. Did you know you can spend HALF the amount of time and get much, much better results? Thanks to Social Networking through my Social Media profiles, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, our revenue at DaGama Web Studio, Inc. has tripled in the last quarter of this year, so far.

Let’s add up how many hours you’re investing with your time (time is money) when you attend face-to-face networking events:

  • 1-2 hours: Time spent getting ready (ladies: count 2 hours if you shop for something new to wear or get your hair done) ; registering ahead of time; driving over to the event. $20 to pay to get into the event.
  • 3 hours: Time you’re actually at the event, plus drive time home. $3 for gas, $6 for a glass of wine.
  • Total, so far: 3-4 hours and $29.00, not to mention your hourly salary rate (if you’ve ever figured out what that is).

Note: we don’t have to continue this calculation–we can stop right now–because you clearly see that you’ve already invested at least 3-4 hours or more and this doesn’t even count the really important part: following up with people you meet and building the relationships further.

But let’s continue with figuring out how much time you’re spending on face-to-face networking and then let’s examine if it’s getting you any results (leads, referrals, signed contracts, people to collaborate with, new friends).

  • 8 hours: Follow-up/building relationships with three people: If you follow up with those people (do you follow up?), how many hours do you spend trying to reach these new people (phone tag and an exchange of emails of best times to meet); driving over to have coffee with them and getting to know them? Let’s say you try to reach three people. Eight hours of your time has now been invested in arranging times to meet, driving over, and spending about two hours with each person. Mind you, these are people you just met at the networking event. You’ve never talked to them before. There’s very little rapport at this point.

    This step of meeting, face-to-face, is very important
    , no matter if you met someone through Social Networking online, or at a face-to-face networking event or other social event. Getting to know each other is vital to building trust and building relationships. Keep in mind, that if you did this after meeting someone for the first time at a networking event, it will most likely take more time and more meetings to build up more trust. Potentially, this could take months to achieve.
  • Coffee Chat $$ invested: You’ve invited them, so you should pay for their lattes. Add this to your own coffee tab and the total for 6 lattes=$30 (not counting tips).

TOTAL time and MONEY: 12-14 hours and $59 for three people, who will either do business with you or refer you to someone they know. Three people. And remember, we’re not even factoring what your hourly time is worth (probably at least $100 per hour).

I’m not saying that in-person meetings should go away and tweeting should replace face-to-face meetings. I AM saying you can save a lot of time when you do use Twitter to build your Social Network and then meet face-to-face if it feels right.

Here’s the really terrific part of this blog post: You can get more business in half the time, with zero dollars spent, when you make more meaningful relationships through Social Networking. As long as you follow the cardinal rule of “be social” and “don’t hard-sell,” you’ll succeed in building your business through Social Networking.

How do you start? Start by making your mind shift to a new way of thinking: trust is the “new” marketing. When people trust you, they’re more likely to refer business to you, do business with you, or at least help you build your community (also known as your “tribe”) of fans, friends, and followers. Watch this video, by SocialNomics, for some mind-blowing facts about the Internet and Social Media marketing: then come back here and please finish reading this blog post: Is Social Media a Fad?

“Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”SocialNomics

Bottomline: Take time to tweet (and work your LinkedIn network and profile; and socialize in Facebook)–you’ll enrich your life, both personally and professionally. I promise you that when you learn how to build communities through Social Networking, (making sure you’re doing it the right and good way) you WILL grow your business…but more importantly, you’ll grow, as a human being. (Surprise! Yes, you will!).

Please write down your thoughts…I would really love to hear from you.

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Hispanic Heritage: Claudia Goffan, CEO Target Latino

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month,  I’m featuring Latina and Latino leaders in my Social Networking blog. I asked my friends, who, actually feel more like my primas y primos (cousins) than “just” friends, to contribute their thoughts on Social Networking with Twitter.

We’re kicking off the celebration of our heritage with Claudia Goffan, president and CEO of Target Latino.

Claudia Goffon

Claudia Goffan

Today, September 16, 2009, LISTA (Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association announced that it named Target Latino as its Agency Of Record. Congratulations, Claudia! And congratulations, LISTA, on choosing a smart, creative, thought-provoking Latina to market your organization.

1.Why do you use Twitter?

I started using Twitter after a good friend of mine, a total SEO genius, asked me to give it a try. I was horrified at the fact that I had to limit myself to 140 characters but I gave it a shot. About one day later, I was hooked. Not only did I see its value for me and my consulting firm but also for my clients. Everybody has a different social media goal, Target Latino’s social media goal is to inform and educate onLatino Marketing, Advertising and Latino issues.

2. How is Twitter different than other Social Media websites, such as Facebook?

Twitter has a sense of urgency that other social media

sites don’t have. Everything happens now. And you need to know how to take advantage of that.

3. Describe your niche and please share how long it took you to find it, after joining Twitter (or perhaps you knew what it was before you joined).

See #1 – My social goal and the ones for my clients is well defined before entering the social media arena.

4. What are your top three tips for our readers as they begin to build their Twitter tribe?

First tip: Define your social media goal. What are you
about? What do you want to share with the world? What are you trying to accomplish? Second tip: Always be courteous and return the follows – If you do not want to follow somebody, don’t but don’t follow them and then unfollow for the sake of getting followers (that’s being a tease) Third tip: Be patient. Imagine you are at a party. Not everything happens on your schedule, right?


5. What are your top three “never, ever do this” tips?

Never, ever spam. Never, ever tease. Never, ever get carried by emotions and say the “wrong” thing.

6. When do you take your Twitter relationships to the next level, either through actually meeting in person; or collaborating.

I usually follow my instinct. And usually you have a pretty good chance of seeing who the person is by following their tweets. You don’t get this opportunity, even in dating sites!!!

7. How do you manage your time for tweeting?

I like my tweets to be personal so I rarely schedule them (unless I am trying to help advertise a good event or worthwhile cause) I try to tweet first thing when I start my computer and then go back when I have a few minutes to spare. Same thing before going to bed. On the weekends, I try to prepare information as articles or postings on my blog to share through the week.

8. What are your top favorite tools to use that help you efficiently and smartly manage your brand through Twitter? For instance, do you do research by using search.peoplebrowsr.com to search the biographies with keywords? Seesmic or Peoplebrowsr or Tweetdeck? A virtual assistant?

I love Hootsuite. I can see my tweets and create a stream of my friend’s tweets so I can find out what they are up to. It really helps me bond!!

9. How are you monitizing Twitter?

It was never my intent to monetize Twitter for Target Latino, but I have been getting people asking for my expertise and consulting engagements. As far as my clients, I can tell you they are very happy with their results!!!

logotargetlatino10. What or who influenced you in a positive way, earlier in your life?

My mother. Youngest daughter of immigrants to Argentina. She is a retired dentist now but she always used to say to me: “Claudita, nothing in life is certain. But if you have a diploma under your wing you may not end up rich, but you will always have job security.”

11. Recently, a study done by MALDEF came out that proved that 41% of Latinas drop-out of high school in the U.S. What is your best advice to young Latinas, in middle school, high school?

You may not think it’s important. You may see many people getting rich with no studies. Not everybody gets so lucky. And think of it this way, if you are already brilliant, imagine how much more brilliant you will be if can back it up with knowledge. Keep on studying. Be a proud and accomplished Latina.

12. What is your best advice for teen-aged Latina mothers who dropped out of high school?

Having a child is a lot of work and you may not find the time to do anything else but take care of him or her and work to support yourselves, but this is 2009, you can enroll in school via the internet – take some short courses in things that interest you. You never know where it may lead and you may be pleasantly surprised!!!

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Become a Twitter Pro In 20 Days

Brand new beginners to Twitter need a lot of help.
I remember how overwhelming and confusing Twitter was when I took my first peek at it and that’s why I decided to write an e-book that explains every component: the who, what, when and why of Twitter and include a workbook that guides you every day, for 20 days, showing you what to do so you can make use of every minute of your time. [Be sure to scroll down and read testimonials of my Social Media work].

You might be a beginner or you might have been tweeting for a while now–remember when you started?  I remember I saw a bunch of short messages with small pictures of people next to the messages. So I thought, “Are these people talking to each other? Is this like a chat room?” (No, Twitter is not a chat room).


The messages were like random snatches of conversation yet I could tell that none of these people were talking TO each other: they seemed to be talking to someone who wasn’t  visible to me. I was intrigued, confused and delighted all at the same time. But thought it was frivolous. I thought “How can I possibly find a use for this? I don’t have time to twitter!”

Boy, was I wrong. Since then, I’ve made friends who feel like people I’ve been destined to know; I’ve increased my income substantially and I continue to get referrals from people in my Social Networks, especially in Twitter.

The more I use Twitter to connect with and promote other people (and sometimes myself), to teach people, laugh and cry with people, the more I see that Twitter is NOT frivolous, in fact, I think Twitter and Social Networking is evolving us as a human race. Certainly, Twitter is enabling me to reach an audience that connects with my message on different levels.  Some of these people are leaders, politicians, celebrities—people I would never have had access to if it weren’t for Twitter.

You’re here because someone YOU know connected you to me.
Or you’re here because you read my words and FELT a connection.
Or you’re here because you saw my Twitter profile and FELT DRAWN to me in some way.

Bottomline: we are now connected to each other because of Social Networking via Twitter.

I’d like to show you how you can build your own community of people who’ll become your friends, eager to help you and refer tips and resources and even work to you!

You’ll also begin to see how you can use Twitter to build a legacy of your life: like a documentation of moments that were meaningful to you. Your children will be left a precious gift when you depart this life-your tweets.

My Twitter workbook for beginners, which is called “Become a Twitter Pro In 20 Days,” is meant to help the business owner who wants to learn how to create a buzz around her/his company and get step-by-step instructions on how to do it: when to Tweet: how long to Tweet each day: and what to say.

Bonuses include:

  • Access to my Twitter Kings and Queens–my friends in Twitter who have thousands of followers and lots of great advice to share with you and only you–when you tweet them a special password.
  • Access to me: you can ask me for my advice tailored specifically for you.
  • Special Twitter Parties: once a week you can drop into our Twitter Pro in 20 Days party and become friends with others who’ve bought my e-book. Compare notes; follow each other; help each other and gain more new tips I save only for you who have bought my e-book.
  • claudia “Lori is “the” epitome of “influential.” I am lucky to have had many opportunities of engaging in conversation with her and I have observed her work. Knowledgeable, extremely capable and versatile. She will always greet you with a warm smile. A master of social media, she knows how to work the “scene.” I highly recommend her if either you are starting to get your feet wet on the social media arena or you are well versed in social media matters and need the advice of an expert.”
    Claudia “Havi” Goffan, President, Target Latino

    RoxieHeadShots_005Twitter_bigger“I have known Lori Gama now for several years and proud to have her as a business associate and friend. We belong to several networking groups and have hired Lori to help me optimize my web site and recently with understanding and taking my social media to a higher level. Lori is highly knowledgeable in both web design and as a media trainer. She does superlative work and is so creative. She is so supportive to all women in business and her community. She is trustworthily, consistent and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone who needs web design or help with understanding this fast moving social media.”
    -Roxie Ellis, owner of Ellis Ranch: Wedding and Event Center, Loveland, CO

By investing 30-90 minutes per day for the first 7 days, you’ll learn how to use the tools and links I provide within the workbook. Then you can pull back or ramp up the time you spend building your Twitter tribe–the amount of time you spend is up to you. I’ll give you a foundation to build on.

Here’s an overview of the content of “Become a Twitter Pro in 20 Days”:

Section 1
Get your house in order before you get social

  • Your online reputation has to sparkle before you engage in conversation with new friends. Your website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Google profile should all be sparkling before you tweet and facebook. I show you how to get your “house” in order.
  • Web site: Learn what my S.M.A.R.T. Strategy is so you can create your S.M.A.R.T. website.
  • Blog: Learn why you should blog, how to get started, then watch your traffic increase after applying my effective tips.
  • Other Social Media you should have up and running before beginning Twitter: Basic tips to complete your LinkedIn profile, Google profile and Facebook page.
  • Social Media: Should you be here? This section helps you decide the answer to that question.
  • What’s REALLY Going On In Twitter?
  • When should you tweet?
  • How much time should you spend on Twitter?
  • Why you should be on Twitter: Be accessible, be social, give to others.
  • Create your Social Media Plan
  • Define your goal: then Write your Twitter Action plan (This is written in my e-book: you simply fill in the blanks).
  • Write your Social Media mission statement
  • Brand: everyone has one. Is yours defined enough that you can sum it up in one sentence?
  • Define your “X” factor: what attracts people to you?
  • What’s the message you want people to remember?
  • Twitter Profile Set-up: step-by-step instructions.
  • Etiquette: The importance of tweeting the right way
  • Do’s and don’ts to follow so you’ll shine instead of stumble.
  • Security: Tips to help you recognize phishyness: Learn how to recognize and avoid spammers, hackers, hijackers, users.
  • Glossary of Twitter words: What does “RT” stand for? What’s a “hashtag?” What is #FollowFriday and why should I do it? These, and many other mysterious terms are defined for you in this handy-dandy Twitter glossary. Refer to it so you don’t get stuck.

Here’s what’s in my Workbook (included in the same e-book!):

Twitter Tips and Time Management Workbook

In this section I virtually hold your hand and lead you through Twitter with checklists; customizable tweets that you can use to get started; tips on where to find content to tweet about; when to tweet about yourself (hint: it’s not as often as you’d like to) and budgeted amounts of time; so you can easily manage your daily Social Networking and become a Twitter Pro in 20 days.

Bonuses include access to my Twitter friends, the Kings and Queens of the Twitterverse and instructions on sending me a tweet so you can get one-on-one help as you begin to tweet.

The First 8 Days: You’ll spend these amounts of time to become a pro and in my e-book you’ll find out exactly what you’ll be doing with this time:
Sunday: 2 hours
Monday: 1 hour
Tuesday: 45 minutes
Wednesday: 30 minutes
Thursday: 20 minutes
Friday: 1 hour
Saturday: 1 hour
Sunday: Take the day off—if you want.

Then I take you by the hand (virtually) and guide you for the next 12 days, similar to the first 8 days above, except you’ll spend much less time: from 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day (or more if you want to build your community more quickly).

The last section of my e-book is filled with  my sizzling hot advice. I have a growing community of over 4000 followers in Twitter who’ve chosen to follow me–I did not use any robots to obtain followers. I share my knowledge with you so you can “organically” grow followers who will stick by you forever because they were drawn to you in a natural way.

  • Formulas: different ways to tweet your way through the day
  • Juicy tips about the best tools to use
  • 10 tips to help you attract more followers
  • How to build relationships and make new friends
  • Become a niche expert
  • Your Success Benchmark: How to measure and analyze your Social Media success
  • Analyze your Twitter bio and re-write it, based on my tips, so you attract more followers
  • How to tweet so you show up in Google searches

I end by asking you to send me your results—you might get included in my next e-book.

Special price for advanced orders

I’m offering a special price for my supporters: when you purchase my e-book now, and receive it later when I’m finished writing it, you pay only $20! When I’m done writing my e-book and I start promoting it, the price will be $27. Pay for it now and get rewarded with a special advanced order price of only $20. This price is only good until November 1, 2009. After that, the price of my Become a Twitter Pro in 20 Days e-book will only be offered at the regular price of $27. Buy it now for only $20:


I’m really enjoying turning people on to Twitter. It will be fascinating to see your results  in 30 days and then 3 months from now, after you’ve used my new e-book. My Social Networking has always been part of me/who I am and I know how to network in the “real” world.  It’s just that now, through Twitter, my blog and video: I am amplifying my message and reaching thousands of people and soon, I’ll reach millions. I want to share my knowledge with you so you can amplify your message and reach thousands or even millions of people, too.

Be Among the First Twitter Pro’s In 20 Days
Be among the first people in the whole world to receive my e-book at this special price only for you.

When I’ve completed writing my e-book and preparing it for publication, which will be by October 31, you’ll be one of the first to receive it.
Please place your advanced order now. Would you please tweet me when you’ve done that? I’d love to meet you that way and I’ll re-tweet you to my 4000+ community of followers! Thank you!


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Twitter, Lisa Simpson and the Petri Dish Population

Twitter is reminding me of The Simpsons episode in which Lisa creates, cultivates, and becomes a goddess to a population of tiny people.

lisa_simpson(Bear with me, here, it does get better).

You have to know a bit about Twitter to appreciate this comparison. For those of you who need a crash course, go read this.

Plot: Lisa grows a population of tiny people in a petri dish in her bedroom. At first the tiny people are a bit rudimentary and don’t know much. Lisa goes to bed and the next morning, the tiny people have evolved from neanderthals to civilized folks.

Another day passes, and this new civilization has formed things that new civilizations tend to form: religion and war and a worship of Lisa, who’s like a goddess to her petri dish people.

Are you getting this? Doesn’t this remind you of something?

Twitter is the petri dish and the Tweeple are the inhabitants who are evolving every minute (sometimes every 30 seconds), every day.

Just like Lisa, I paid attention to my followers (my Tweeple) and offered my help and thoughts and comments Sunday night and the next morning when I “pulled my petri dish” out (logged into my Twitter account) I delightedly discovered I had 28 new followers.

Where else am I going with this comparison?

Well…I think the Twitter population is evolving and of course, most certainly, growing. (It grew over 700% last year!) and I think we are feeding off the thoughts that stimulate our minds, much like the people in Lisa’s petri dish fed off the bacteria in their world. I am NOT comparing our tweets to bacteria in a bad way but in a good way.

Think about how bacteria works: a bacteria is a single, self-contained living cell. Each person in Twitter land is a single, self-contained living being. When we get together, we multiply quickly. When we think together, we evolve more quickly.

This is another reason why I say the Internet is evolving the human race—because we can meet other people who have similar ideas, thoughts, aspirations, hopes, dreams and organize ourselves so that we solve problems and/or create new things that help people. These new things can be as simple as a new iphone application or as complex as solving world hunger.

Let me make something clear: I am not saying that my followers worship me like a goddess (although if there is anyone out there who would like to, that’s cool with me). What I am saying is that there are people in Twitter (myself included) who follow some really interesting people who either have great minds, great humor or great applications. We are evolving because we get to read the thoughts of intellectual leaders; creative scientists; sarcastic comedians; and geek heroes who save our lives each day by inventing a new Twitter ap (like this one).
In the end, the petri dish people grow so smart that they invent a laser that shrinks Lisa to their size and they take her into their world where she becomes their goddess-ruler.

And so you see why I can’t help but compare Twitter to Lisa Simpson and the petri dish population.
Art imitates life imitating art. Or is it…life imitates art imitating life? (Am I the woman dreaming she is the butterfly or am I the butterfly dreaming she is the woman?) Someone rescue me from this train of thought—leave me a comment, please!

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Twitter is the best thing to happen to the Internet…since the Internet

Note: This blog post is  for people brand new to Twitter.com. If you’ve landed in TwitterLand, got scared and freaked out and don’t know what to do about it, read this first. All you experienced tweeple, feel free to post helpful comments to newbie Tweeps.

Twitter really is the best thing to happen to the Internet since, well, the Internet. 

I haven’t been this excited about something on the Web since Google came along—and I’ve been around the Internet, developing Web sites that get found,  since 1997. 

Twitter grew by 752% in 2008!  Why is Twitter.com the latest and greatest thing? Why are so many seemingly sane people turning into obsessive-compulsive geeks who post tweets every 30 seconds from their phones or laptops?  And why are we constantly logging in to see our new followers? Here are my top reasons why twitter is the best thing to happen to the Internet…since the Internet.

1. Convenience: Twitter is accessible from anywhere as long as I have my cell phone. This means I can post a tweet (a twitter message) for all my followers to read as soon as I post it. Yes, my tweeple, it’s true: as soon as I think a profound thought and can type it on my keypad, in 140 characters or less on my phone or computer, my thought is broadcast and read by all of of my followers.  This real time accessibility is profound: my mind is connected to other minds almost instantanousely.  As you build your number of followers, you’ll soon realize how important instant accessibility is. I follow some people (@Scobleizer) who have more than 47,545 followers! (More about why you want this many followers in a moment).

2. Collobaration: Twitter connects me to like-minded people in seconds. And because of that, I can truly exclaim The Geek SHALL inherit the earth! If you have a product or service to sell, your twitter profile should link to your Web site or blog where you’re selling your goods. This is why companies like Starbucks, Comcast, Jet Blue, and many others who are posting tweets, are showing their lighter and/or more human side (public relations is free: advertising is costly). They’re also “listening” (monitoring tweets) to consumers who mention their company (good or bad) and (the smart ones) are taking action on complaints and kudos (read this blog post by Michael Arrington about how his Internet connection was down for 36 hours until he twittered about it and guess who personally called him to apologize and fixed it?). Connecting to so many people within seconds is important because you can literally be the first person to inform us all of a breaking news story; link us to a funny YouTube video; or even tap into your twitter followers for help (like @AndrewWarner who got stuck on the Pacific Coast hiway–he called 911 and a taxi cab service and no one would come to pick him up. So he twittered about his dilemma and within minutes, one of his followers offered to come pick him up).

3. Crazy—Unless you know how to use it properly. What’s proper? That depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish with Twitter.

I advocate posting useful information to share, rather than “fluffy” stuff, like “I’m off to eat sushi now…”  Some people take the Twitter question too literal  (Twitter asks you to answer, in 140 characters or less,  “What are you doing?” So far, tweeple (people on Twitter) are using it to:

  • Tell us they’re about to go to bed. (Please don’t use it this way. This is minutae, not sharing knowledge.) On the other hand….
  •  Tell us something silly. Show us your personality. This is a great way to build followers.
  • Tell us something useful. This will establish you as an expert and your followers will appreciate you. Try to post tweets that help people. This is what I preach about “real world” networking: be of service to people. Think of twitter as a half-business-half-social party. How would you behave at such a party?  You wouldn’t get drunk and make a fool of yourself, right? You’d probably be yourself and attract the people you’d want to attract and repel the people you’d want to repel. Same thing with twitter: whatever you say/link to/post a picture of will lead to connections, friends, and whatever else you want it to lead to. 

Here are some fun tools to supplement your Twittering:

Tweetdeck: According to its Web site, “TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.”

TwitterGrader: Measures the power of your profile. Interesting to check your profile’s reach.

TweetStats: I find the trending stats very interesting because I’m geeky that way.

Here are a few of my favorite peeps I follow:





Now you have enough information to dip your toes in Twitter land. What are you waiting for? Go twitter and let me know your twitter name. Here’s mine: twitter.com/LoriGama

Later this week: I’ll write about why a Simpsons episode is very much like Twitter Land.

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