The following was written in 2008:

My Philosophy About the Internet

The more people we can guide out of the black hole of cyberspace to connect with their niche groups via Google, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, vlogs and through other Social Media, the better the world becomes (speeds up our evolution as a human race!).

I believe the Internet is defragging our universe (like your PC defrags and then runs more efficiently): the Internet is bringing together like-minded people and like-minded communities to solve problems, promote ideas, communicate solutions and have fun while doing all that. Much like the Guttenberg Press of the 14th Century, when books were printed in mass numbers, so the Internet dispenses information at a phenomonal rate. Instead of scattered groups around the world: we connect and work together, forming tribes or communities.

This isn’t just a job: it’s a special mission. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

Lori Gama’s Biography:

Lori Gama”s almost-two decades as a Web Strategist has enabled her to help thousands of people connect with their customers. Lori is a website producer; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert; and a Social Media Strategist. Lori and her team, at DaGama Web Studio, work with companies who want to reach and build multi-cultural communities of raving fans. Lori has a loyal following of fans and friends in Twitter; Facebook;  LinkedIn  and on her blog, Learn Social Networking. Her mission is to inspire millions of people to use the tools of technology to transform their lives. Lori was born and raised in the East Bay in northern California. Lori’s bi-cultural upbringing, technology and communications expertise and Social Marketing expertise have positioned her to be a unique Social Media Consultant who uses the latest technology and Social Marketing methods to achieve a high success rate of revenue growth for her clients. She lives in Colorado with her husband and son.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/LoriGama

LinkedIn: LinkedIn network here, so I can connect you.

Facebook: Facebook.com/LoriGama

Website: DaGamaWebStudio.com

One response to “About

  1. rockybradley

    Young Lady,

    You Rock! I am a Rookie to Social Media and Blogging. And I just love your clear, concise information! I have been to your website and would really like to have you as one of my mentors! For now I am in Training and I look forward to what your E-Book offers. Keep the Fire Burning:)

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