What’s unique about me and my company is that we provide the whole enchilada, not just the awesome sauce.

Social media includes building an effective presence and community in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging to build an audience/community. I prefer to teach companies what Social Networking is and help them get up and running and doing it the right way. After that, I’m available for coaching.


  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Set-Up and Management.
  • Local Search Strategy and Implementation.
  • Google Ad campaigns (research; plan; set-up; implement; manage).
  • Website Data Analysis: Analyzing your Google Analytics with goal of lowering bounce rates and drop-offs; increasing visitors and page views; and increasing conversions.
  • Social Media Marketing: research; analysis; strategy; implementation; education and training. I like to teach the client how to do it so they can manage in-house but we also have management services.

Please contact me to discuss your project. Call 970-378-7822 or Tweet me or contact me in LinkedIn. Thank you.

SEO service details:
-Take a benchmark “picture” of where client is currently listed (if any) in the Search Engines.
-Survey your company goals and what types of services client offers that generate the most revenue.
-Do keyword research with accurate keyword tools, Google Trends and also with Social Media websites such as and PeopleBrowsr to see what people are talking about. Perhaps, the client’s target market is needing her/his service and is looking for client in Twitter but client is not there or client is not properly using Twitter. Research is reviewed with client.
-Research competitors to see where they are in the natural search results. And see if they’re using Google Ad campaigns, too, which client might consider using if budget allow and/or if there’s an urgent need to immediately get targeted traffic.
-Report how many outside relevant websites are linking back to client’s, if any. And help client take action on inappropriate ones because Google will penalize for linking into a “bad neighborhood.” Claudia: we can also do organic link exchanging, in-house. My webmaster would research appropriate companies to exchange links with and email them and follow-up, program their link in the client’s website.
-Prepare a report on what is recommended. For instance, create 5 new landing pages that have new, persuasive copy that’s keyword-rich. Recommend using longer search phrases that have less searches/less competition but will get you results of people contacting you. (Studies have proven people are closer to the point of purchase when they search with longer search phrases.) Or quite often, the client’s website needs to be re-designed so it’s more user-friendly, up-to-date and converts visitors into customers.
-Ongoing management of SEO to ensure listings stay at top

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